Is this real value for money? I purchased some items at the Walmart in the USA on “Black Friday”. The price was $72.00. This was declared at the border, to which I was given a slip and had to go in and pay taxes on this. In the end I paid $4.32CDN GST on the items.

As I was driving home I was thinking, was it really worth it for the gov’t to collect that $4.32 from me. Not that I am trying to get out of paying taxes, but…

What does the average customs worker make. Lets say $17.50 an hour. Between the person in the booth and then the two people inside I had to deal with, I had a total of 15 minutes of “face-time” with customs workers, in which one person would have been paid $4.38CDN to deal with me.

I paid my $4.32 with Interact, which standardly costs the vendor/retailer $0.15 to process a transaction on their behalf. That cost now is $4.53. Thats not withstanding the cost of overhead for the building and such, nor even the cost of the paper and other sundry’s they use to process my transaction.

To collect their fair share, they lost $0.21 cents or more. Is that value for money?