If the Liberals were smart (oxymoron) they’d dump Iggy, Rae and Dion and unite behind Kennedy. Why?

Ignatieff has baggage of his mouth, combined with the whole not living here for 20+ years. Canada has changed a great deal in the last 20 years and Ignatieff represents a blast from the past best left for reminising about Pierre Trudeau.

Bob Rae is intellegent, well spoken and has a genuine social conscience. Problem is he was the NDP premier during the 1990’s resession and while the complete trashing of Ontario’s economy and social framework was not all his doing, Rae did not help matters. When you are left holding a bag of shit you can do two things:

  1. Clean it up
  2. Add to it making matters worse

Rae took option two.

Stephane Dion will probably go down as the guy who’d be a great leader if he wasn’t from Quebec. Articulate, a pragmatist with enough wit to handle anything thrown at him by those in the BQ or CRAP parties. But he’s from Quebec and that alone will ensure either minority governments run by the Conservatives or even a Conservative majority (shudder).

And that leaves us with Gerard Kennedy. Social lefty which could help reposition the Liberals back to that idological left they wish they were still occupying. He’s from Ontario, which will appeal to the centre, and is young giving the Liberals a chance to mold and groom him to unelectiblity over a long period of time.

Either way next weekend’s convention should prove very entertaining. With Howard Dean as keynote speaker you just can’t get better TV than that. At least there will be something on CBC I might actually want to watch… for a change…