The NHL has implemented a write-in ballot on their voting for the 2007 All-Star game. Thanks to a grassroots (read movement, Rory Fitzpatrick, a defenceman for the Vancouver Canucks, is second in the All-Star voting. Personally I know I have voted a couple of times for Rory Fitzpatrick.

Why is voting for Rory a good idea? Mainly due to the NHL using this as a marketing tool. Word of Mouth has rolled in and there are more votes now than ever for the All-Star voting. I’d say give them what they want. Here is a player who’s been… average, about to get to go to the second biggest thing players can play in, the All-Star Game. Next to the Stanley Cup this is a big thing. Rory’s stats speak for themselves. In the last season he had 9 points. He’s the everyman player.