Slush is slush! When I was a kid, the only slush I knew was slush on the road or those red or blue slushies from Mac’s Milk. As I grew older, I learned of other slush. Political Slush. Now thank’s to Lieberal Dalton McNutty, I see yet another form of slush. Liberal Slush. The nice thing about Liberal Slush is that it doesn’t stick to them.

This slush fund the Liberals have funded something like $25million dollars through to “community groups”. While some of the groups have been genuine, Lost Villages Historical Society being one of them, the way the monies were acquired leaves a certain taint to them.

Why did the Liberals not follow an open and transparent policy on giving out this money? Because the money went to Liberal friendly groups.

How about some transparency and honesty? Meanwhile I am heading to Mac’s Milk, I need a slushy with some substance and a brain-freeze, because all I am getting from the Liberal one is a headache!