Recently there has been discussion about Premier McNutty pledging a $10/hour minimum wage by 2009. If McNutty wishes to help the working poor, why not cut taxes on what they make. As one person put it, when under 20k a year is considered poor, why does the government start collecting tax at 8K of income.

I take a McNutty pledge as seriously as a Nigerian money scam. McNutty said no tax increases then soaks us for $2 Billion in health care taxes, and wait times go up. Pledged more jobs, but yet Ontario has lost over 50,000 manufacturing jobs in his term of office. Way to help us out there!

Increasing the minimum wage without tax relief will have a negative effect on the economy when it is ill-afforded. Handcuffing businesses with higher wages will only cause job losses and higher prices.

Good job. With any luck you’ll have a “stronger record” for being a screw up than Bob Rae! Wouldn’t that be a feat!