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Tell me if you’ve heard this before… “I promise not to raise taxes, I won’t cut them, but I won’t raise them.”

No we are not going retro back to 2003, Premier McGuinty said this in an article in the Ottawa Sun this past weekend.

If I had a Looney for every promise McGuinty made and then broke, I’d have enough to take the wife and kids out for dinner.

In the article he continues to blame the previous government for having to break his word. Hello McGuinty… It’s been four years. Get over it! Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own screw-ups.
The fact is that instead of taking a hard look at things during his mandate, McGuinty took the easy way out, raising taxes. Why cut waste and save the taxpayer some dough, let’s just put our hands in his pocket a little more?
Take Education for example. School boards have a top heavy administration but no money for schools. When a school has to have a walk-a-thon to pay for things like books, and they don’t even have the money to remove graffiti from playground equipment, we have a problem.

Take Health Care, the McGuinty tax was to improve wait-times but yet wait-times are longer in emergency rooms. Hospitals are being expanded and upgraded but there no doctors to use them. Personally I’d prefer a doctor over a modern waiting room.

When will Ontarians learn that McGuinty is only good at one thing, breaking his word? 50 broken promises over four years. That’s one promise a month on average. If you did that to your spouse or loved one, how long before you would be in divorce court? It’s time for Ontario to divorce this government!