My wife is on one of those social networking sites. Personally I think they are stupid, if I wanted to get in touch with people I knew, I’d call. Anyways SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) showed me this “quiz” which tell you what kind of drink you are. According to this site I am part Wine (note not wHine) and part juice box. Grrreat!

what it says :

It’s a tie!

You are a part Fine Glass of Wine. You are sophisticated and refined, but also complicated and hard to deal with. Not everyone loves you, but those who do swear that you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread. One of these days the people that matter will understand you. Until then, you will be sitting on your throne as the distinguished product that not everyone has the taste to appreciate.
You are a part Juice Box. Some say you’re no fun, but you know better than to waste your time drinking. Not only does alcohol cut down on time better spent being productive, studies show it can have an adverse effect on your long-term health. You have plenty of friends, but you don’t get invited to the coolest parties. Sometimes you might wish you weren’t so different, but other times you consider yourself better than the rest.