Dalton.ca – Our current Premier launched his new site and new ad campaign, yes the election season is on us. October 10th is ticking fast and McGuinty is now out to whitewash his record and get us to vote for him again.

Let’s take a couple of points to task. During the ’03 election he promised to reduce class sized to 20 kids for grades 3 and under by the end of his mandate. He says on his new site 65% of classes are that size. Obviously Mr. McGuinty is a product of the failing education system as 65% does not equal 100%!

Point two, raising taxes. He had to do it he says. Not so. If he’d reduce some of the bloated management in the medical system including trimming the fat at the Ministry of Health, then he wouldn’t have needed to dump 2 billion in taxes on us.

Final point, and I’ve made this many times before. When is the Premier going to step up and stop blaming others. You’ve had four years bubba, and we aren’t better off in this province. Fine, when you came into office there was a hidden deficit, got it. You’ve hammered that point clearly home. But instead of talking about how you are fixing it, or how you’ve fixed it, you still go on that you got handed a pile of shit. Suck it up! It’s been four years, get over it.