Flagler Beach, FloridaUp until August I had only been to the ocean when I traveled to New York City. The last time I went was in 1997 and as per my usual routine, I’d go on the Staten Island Ferry to view Manhattan. I had seen the ocean then lots, but never touched it, in fact the thought of sticking my hand in any water around NYC was a scary thought. Now flash forward 10 years later and this picture. Taken at Flagler Beach, Florida at the end of August. The water was a lot warmer than I thought it would be and the pull of the waves was… awesome. Later in the trip we went to Jekyll Island in Georgia. The sand was much finer and even though there was a storm in the air and the clouds were fairly dark, the water was so nice. Those two beaches alone made the 22 hours of driving in a mini-van with kids worth it.