Cool harperWell my fellow Canuckistanians, we have a chance, a real chance, of a Harper majority government. The newest poll out there says Harper has 40%, Dion has 28 and the other nutjobs have less than that… All that really matters are the big two and well, Harper has it by the cahones. Just what we need, four years of Harper. That’s like saying we need four years of McGuinty!

Don’t get me wrong, I like Harper’s Government. It’s been firm when needed, he doesn’t sound like a dithering idiot and seems to be hitting the right buttons when it comes to taxes, family and such. Now why is this working so well? Because he’s in perpetual election mode. Harper’s sharp like a tack. He keeps giving and giving and we keep taking it in. $100 per month per child here, a tax cut there. The more bait he gives, the deeper on the hook we go.

Now we are at 40%, that magic number, the only place that says 2/5’s means 1/2. 40% is the number where it is entirely conceivable that a majority government can happen. A Harper majority scares me. No checks or balances. Just hard-core conservatives to the N-th degree. And I thought a McGuinty majority was scary, at least that devil we know.

The Prime Minister said it best when he said that it is time to fish or cut bait, I just hope we all don’t get stuck by the hook!