This was posted in today’s Toronto Sun.

Business Editor, Linda Leatherdale writes of a rumour coming from the Ministry of
Finance that when Harper lowers the GST to 5%, McNutty (Flip-Flop McFly according to Ms. Leatherdale) will raise the PST by 2%, 1 for municipalities and 1 for transit.

So, it only took what.. a week, not even, for McGuinty to show his stripes. Now ok, I know it’s only a rumour but if it becomes fact, we have here a whopper here.

“I won’t cut taxes but I won’t raise them either.” – Dalton McGuinty in 2003, in 2004 he levied the 2 Billion Dollar Health Tax
“I won’t raise your taxes.” – Dalton McGuinty in 2007. What does 2008 hold?

McGuinty broke how many promises and yet Ontarians voted him back in with a majority. If the next four years shows the trend that the past four years set, Ontario will be in a sad, sad state.

UPDATED: I watched Focus Ontario this evening on the replay. McGuinty was interviewed and said He’d like to see 1% of the GST going to cities. Is he just buttering things up?