Yesterday I went into one of those big box store which recently “rolled” back prices on thousands of items in Canada to pick up a few things. While I was there I wandered over to the magazine section and looked at one or two mags to possibly buy. Now before this “rollback” the retailer offered their magazines at 10% off the cover price, that price of course being in Canuckistanian dollars. Over my head though was a sign saying they now charge US cover price on magazines in Canada. That’s great because on the magazines I buy there usually is a $2-3 price difference. With the 10% off I saved under a dollar, where the new pricing means I would save $2-3 right? NO

Here’s the rub – In their price reduction to the US price, they removed their 10% discount on all magazines. The issue is, a lot of magazines in Canada have recently stopped posting the US price on their cover. So that magazine that for a long time was priced at $5.95 US, $7.25 CDN is now just $7.25 CDN. No US price. No US price means no discount so Mr. “Rollback” now is not selling at the US price because there isn’t one and is infact selling to me at 10% higher than I traditionally paid.

I looked back at some recent prices of these brands I buy and low and behold it’s only in the last couple of months they stopped the US price on mags sold in Canada… Coincidence? I think not.

Thanks for the rollback there!