I hate shopping with my wife. For me shopping is a challenge to jump over everyone else, find exactly what I want as fast as possible and get the “eff” out. My wife likes to browse, compare, buy stuff at a store and when she finds it at another store cheaper take the first one back. Even if it’s only to save 50 cents, she’ll waste the time to go back and return it.

I am addicted to Stumble Upon, a service that lets people rank sites, submit sites and when you feel inspired to do so, click the “Stumble!” button and randomly go somewhere. I stumbled upon Barcle, http://www.barcle.com. First I thought it was kinda hokey. Bunch of banners, a search, blah blah. So I tried it out. Taking the UPC number from my son’s Thomas the Tank Engine book, I put it in and found out that the one I bought at Chapters Indigo was cheaper at eToys. Nice. I lost a buck twenty there. Next I tried the Shrek 3 DVD that we bought on Black Friday, nope, we got it cheaper at Wally-world than what Barcle came up with. But! I know I got a good price for it.

They have a mobile version so when I was at the store getting some groceries I punched in UPC’s all over the place. Food stuff they don’t have. Toys and Electronics they did. I didn’t buy much because where I was didn’t have a good price on what I was looking at. Money saved!

Check it out. www.barcle.com or mobile.barcle.com

Now if I can just get wife to use it…