Article from Saturday December 1, 2007 Brockville Recorder and Times

Colleges Ontario is spending $250,000 to find out why more kids aren’t going to college. $250,000 to find out why kids aren’t going to college! Nice waste of money. I cannot believe it would cost $250,000 to pick up a paper and read about the tuition hikes or go to a McDonalds and ask around to see why the kids working there didn’t go to college. Hell pay me $250,000 and I’ll go ask!

This is an absolute waste of the taxpayers money and could be spent elsewhere like taking the money and splitting it amongst 20 kids to pay their tuition for their 2-3 course. That wouldn’t be a waste and enrollment would be up by 20 kids.

Stupid is as Dalton does! Remember Ontario, you voted this guy in for four more years. You get the government you deserve!