– A search tool that lets you find MP3’s, listen to them online and acts as a jukebox as well. You buy music through it and even watch videos.

Sounds unlikely so I tried a few searches.

Smashing Pumpkins brought up their usual fare from the albums (and the abomination that they put out called Zeitgeist). It also brought up some live stuff, rarities, concert items and such. Impressive.

Next I tried another one of my music selections from the 1990’s (Where I am firmly planted) Veruca Salt. 4 out of the 5 songs I clicked on were unable to load. The fifth was a crappy MP3 rip of Seether. So a fail there.

Lastly I tried searching for Greenwich Meantime, a local group who I know one of the guys in. Bingo, found their stuff. 5 out of 5 songs tried of theirs worked.

Overall this site is pretty good. Like anything else you will get some stuff that is hit and miss but on a whole it’s good to do some previews without having to have additional software or only half-song downloads.