The Liquor Control Board of Ontario Sucks! I tried to purchase a very specific brand and vintage of brandy for a friend. The LCBO said they don’t carry it anymore and could not order it for me. I found in New York State a liquor store that would get it for me, but only if I order a case. Asked the friend, they said go ahead so I did. On friday I hopped across the border to pick up the case and bring over. Like a good boy, I declared what I had when I was at Canada Customs, then the fun started.

The case cost $268.00US. After GST, PST, Duty and LCBO Markup, I was out an additional $343 on top of the 268 for the case. WTF!

Now I don’t mind (ok I do) the GST, PST and Duty but come on LCBO Markup? The LCBO Markup was 202 of the 343 I paid. For what? THe LCBO did not get the hooch for me. The LCBO did NOT order the product or help in getting. The LCBO did nothing to help other than the person on the phone suggest buying in NY State!

So for the LCBO’s efforts, they earn $202. No wonder the LCBO is raking in record profits!