Thank you Premier McNutty for “thinking” about banning cell phone use while driving. Thank you for thinking of adding GPS units, razors, mp3 players and other “toys” to your ban. Thank you for “thinking” of legislating common sense. Where would we be if Dilton McNutty didn’t make a law for us??? How would we know what to do?

McNutty says it’s because reckless/careless drivers play with their toys when their eyes should be on the road and that causes accidents. Makes sense right? Instead of creating a new law though, why not just enforce current driving laws? Too easy! How will people know about the law if there isn’t a news conference to announce a bill to legislate us. After all, in Dilton McNutty’s Ontariariario, we need Dilton to hold our hand so we go to the bathroom.

Why doesn’t McNutty just come out and say what this really is, a cash-grab. Look, Ontariariario is hurting for money; Businesses are closing up even though we keep giving GM tax money to stay. Even the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund doesn’t want to invest in this province, their investing in a Vancouver railway equipment manufacturer to open a plant in Quebec… Quebec!

Ontario is no longer the economic engine of this country and McNutty knows this, that’s why the cash grab. When we had it so good, we all bought cellphones, GPS units and the like, so now that we go to use them, Dilton wants his cash. After all, the good and financial well being of Ontariariario depends on it.