The Conservatives are showing again why they are the dominate force when it comes to marketing a brand. Harper and Co. have started a new ad campaign that will run on Gas Pumps showing how the Liberals carbon tax plan (thank you Dion) will cost them more. Great idea. While gas is 1.32/litre, show people how your competition wants to make it cost more.

Excellent marketing strategy. It’s reported though that the ads have not started yet on gas pumps. Bring it on. I also want to see Stephane Dion go on gas pumps too and tell people how Harper has not cut the right taxes to stimulate the economy.

Problem is, we wont see Dion do that. He is too dignified(Stuffy).

This is the biggest thing of why Dion, no matter how good of a person he is, will never win against Harper. Harper is a sales person. He will go out there on gas pumps to tell you his message. He’ll shake your hand, go door to door, put ads up, be creative and get with the times to get people in the know about his brand. Harper uses the Internet, TV, Radio, Print, word of mouth. He’d probably Twitter to people and Facebook them if he thought it would get him or his minions into power.

In the end, Harper wants to be Prime Minister and it shows; No matter what you say about the guy, Stephane Dion just doesn’t seem to want the job.