Raul Castro, newly elected dictator president of Cuba, has pledged to allow for sex-change operations (gender reassignment) and that the state will pay for it. Dalton McNutty, grand poobah of Ontariario has said that people in prison will be allowed to have gender reassignment and that the province will pay for it. Glad to see the Nanny State has it’s house in order!

In a way I guess Ontariariario is a lot like Cuba. We have a highly educated workforce that has higher than normal unemployment. The economy is tanking and large companies are rolling up operations. We have socialized medicine with great doctors, just not enough of them. We have an inflated housing market that no one can afford to move on to or up the property ladder.

Way to go Dalton, you go and grand those sex change operations! Glad to see you’ve solved all the other problems in Ontariario.. Perhaps we should start calling it Ontariostan…

I am sure Comrade Castro would approve!