I’d like to know which idiot at the CBC thought it would be a great idea to let your prime competition take your theme song for your number one show?

The CBC (Communist Broadcasting Corp.) lost the theme for Hockey Night in Canada to their competition at TSN. There is no second chance as TSN/CTV locked the deal in perpetuity meaning… FOREVER.

Good job CBC. For 40 years, the HNIC theme song has been that call that has drawn hockey fans from around the country to their tvs to see the Sens and Habs soar and the Leafs suck. It’s been their brand for 40 years.

That’s like saying to Steve Jobs, “Hey Steve, why don’t you change Apple’s name to Steve’s Computers.”

Actually what the CBC did and what CTV and TSN has done is the equivelent to getting Steve Jobs to sell the name “Apple” to Bill Gates.