42.25% (1,867,192 people) of those who voted in the 2007 election crowned McNutty king of Ontariariario. McNutty won his party convention with 95%. Well duh. Of course they’re going to reelect him. McNutty is the first back-to-back winner the Ontario Lieberals have had since Mitch Hepburn back before the Blue Tory Machine launched post-WW2. Lieberals would be nuts if they didn’t keep their chief Chipmunk on his throne.

What is nuts is that 1,867,192 are farking stupid for voting for McNutty after the Health Tax er I mean Premium, and absolutely ZERO improvement in doctor shortages, hospitals, schools and roads, even in Lieberal ridings like the one I live in.

Although I hear there are lots of Cricket Pitchs that get Lieberal Support.