On the US Side, good for McCain for choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. I saw her speak on the TV and she knows the gift of oratory. Hopefully this will stem the tide leaning for Obama. Obama as president just scares me. Nothing to do with race, just his politics.

And isn’t it funny that Obama had a woman he could have turned to for Veep and likely would have sealed the election but he went with an old white guy, meanwhile McCain (another old white guy) went to a woman for Veep and likely just sealed the election.

On the Canadian Side, good for Harper for calling another election. There was a part of me hoping for a little schadenfreude and that the GG would tell Harper that she wasn’t going to break the law so she’ll ask Dion to form a government.

In simple terms, Harper has done pretty much what he said he would do. He dropped the GST by two points, gave parents money for daycare or home care for their kids, he boosted the military and still spent on this program and that. We still have a surplus and Canadians have seen something that they don’t normally see… a government that did what it said. Try that from Chretien or Martin!

In the end I think that Harper will win a majority, slim but it will be a majority. The only downside I can see with that is that Dion will likely be axed by his liberal counterparts (they are like crabs in a bucket) and Dilton McNutty will become the savior of the Liberal brand.

McNutty for PM, NOW THAT is a frightening thought for the future.