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In 2003 we (Ontarioians) were told that the Progressive Conservatives and Ernie Eves left a royal mess for Dalton McGuinty. From then until the next provincial election in 2007, we heard that everything was the PC’s fault. A deficit, the need for the Health Care Premium, the job losses in Manufacturing and High Energy Prices. I don’t discount that some of the issues were a bag of crap leftover from the previous government.

Then Election 2007 came along and I said on many occasions, if McGuinty wins, who will McGuinty blame for the problems now as he will be the incumbent? The Federal Goverment.

Of course, it makes sense. The Feds take money out of the province to give to other provinces that are “have-nots” and because the Feds set national policy when it comes to the economy.

Flash forward to November 3, 2008. Ontario is now a “Have-Not” province, the joke of the country. No longer can we use Newfie jokes, they are not on the Federal Dole anymore. We are. Meanwhile who does Dwight Duncan, Ontario Finance Minister point the finger to? The Feds, the Economy, the man in the moon. “Poor us, Harper wont bail out the car companies.” “Poor us, we finally get some of our money back.”

Poor us, because Ontarioians were too stupid and voted the Liberals back in in 2007!

I don’t blame Harper & Co. for not bailing out the Auto Industry. They make crappy products that don’t sell worth $h!t and charge too much for them. They brought their own decline on themselves. Well, the Auto Industry and the CAW. The Auto Industry has a golden bailout from the US and they squander it. You tell me how a company like GM can lose 15 Billion Dollars US in three months and still be in business!!!

Sending Ontario a welfare cheque for $347 Million is cheaper for the Feds than the Billions of dollars that the Auto Industry wants. And for what? So that some guy can make $40/hour putting in three bolts on an assembly line? (Yes I know I over-simplify, it’s probably 4 bolts and a piece of tape.)

It’s high time that McGuinty fixes the problem himself! (Novel Concept eh?) Quit pointing that finger everywhere else and look in the mirror. Point it at yourself.

Ontario has a high amount of business taxes, a lack of competitiveness and a huge amount of red tape. That’s just for the business portion. Property taxes (set by values from MPAC) are going to be rising again and if McGuinty doesn’t start building some power plants, the blackout of 2003 will look like a flickering light in comparison.

McGuinty needs to stop trying to legislate common sense (driving with cellphones) and start doing things to grow jobs.

Did you know that if a municipality wants to give away land to a company to build a plant, that it’s illegal. If a municipality wants to give a tax break for all of the jobs it will bring, that it cannot. Ontario is one of the FEW places in the world where you are NOT allowed to do this. Why do you think jobs are leaving and no new investment is coming in.

If a state like New York, one of the HIGHEST taxed states in the USA is able to offer rebates of 15-20% on electricity, internet services, a discounted business and property taxes for bringing investment, why can’t Ontario?

Look yourself in the mirror Premier McGuinty and ask yourself that!