The Ottawa Senators have dropped from being Stanley Cup finalists 2 years ago to being the second-worst team in the league. IN THE LEAGUE!!!

Just making the playoffs right now is a stretch considering how far off the pace they are. My Opinion (and we all know that’s why you came here to this site), let them fail. The Sens should take a page out of the book of the Toronto Maple Leafs, aspire to fail. Make failure your number one goal. Sounds crazy right? Remember what’s awarded after the Stanley Cup, the NHL Entry Draft.

2009’s Entry Draft has a really powerful graduating class with names like Tavares, Hedman, Cowan, Duchene and Schenn. The Sens can rebuilt and also stick it to all of those Leafs fans who thought they’d have a chance or the divine right to have John Tavares play for them.

So to this years Ottawa Senators I say to you… Dare to Fail. Fail, choke like only the Ottawa Senators can do. There will always be next year. The grass is always green at golf courses in April!

Disclosure: Yes I am still a Senators fan, no hopping off the bandwagon for me, just unhappy with the losses and trying to find SOME silver lining that is the dark cloud of this season!