CTV wants to shut down CKNX-TV and CHWI-TV because they are losing too much money. Whatever happened to local TV? It used to be said that a TV or a Radio Station was a licence to print money. It still could be if run right. I put this failure not at local advertisers not buying, but corporate management. Look at the model for small market radio and TV in the US. They roll with the punches and create innovative, cost effective packages that will sell. They know to run their stations like small town stations because they ARE small town stations. When you have a large market station group setting policy to small market stations, you are destined to fail. These stations should be kept and sold to local interests for cheap. CTVGlobemedia would still see the benefit of not having the assets on the books and the communities would still retain their stations.

Is anyone honestly telling me that CHWI in Windsor, right across the river from Detroit, cannot get some advertisers?

Instead I think this is pure posturing by CTV and Global with their secondary market TV group “E” to take their bad decisions, blame the market and go to the CRTC with cap-in-hand looking for massive rule changes. The CRTC should make them sell the companies to groups that will run them and want them.