Yes, New Years is just a few days away so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and predict a few things myself. Hey, even I have the tin-foil hat to match!

In 2010 (and in no particular order)…

There will be no Election Federally. The Liberal Party will continue to languish on the sidelines while Iffy remains predictable. Expect 2010 to be the last year of Iffy’s reign.

Frank McKenna will again say he’s not interested in the Leadership of the Liberal Party.

Stephen Harper will remain Prime Minister. Look for a reprise behind the piano singing “Day in a Life”.

Bob Rae will still be Bob Rae (Socialist in Liberal Clothing) and all that that entails.

Provincially, Dalton McLiar’s Liberals will win the two by-elections because Ontario voters are sheep.

Ontario will remain a “have-not” province.

Newfie Jokes will officially be renamed Ontario Jokes.

On July 1st, 2010 we will have the BST/HST/DST whatever you want to call it, because you can tax people into prosperity no?

Tim Hortons will raise the price of their crappy coffee again.

Canadian Tire will continue to have that annoying slogan and music on all of their commercials, and yet I still cannot buy just one bolt, I have to buy a package of 20.

I will finally finish the front deck to our house.

2010 will ring forth a new swath of celebrity deaths that will make people realize how empty their lives are by following these celebrities. They will be sad at their deaths and say things like, “Wow I didn’t see it coming.” Then these people will find new celebs to follow and life will be good again.

Tiger Woods will be divorced. Elin Woods will be rich.

Britney Spears will have another breakdown and shave her head again.

Another Twilight movie will come out boring millions of husbands, subjecting them to hours of mind-numbing stupidity.

Johnny Cash will still be dead. So will John Wayne.

Some unknown idiot with way too much time on their hands and no job will grab a video camera and upload something so stupid onto Youtube that millions will view it and love it.

Some new web site will come on the scene that will make Facebook and MySpace obsolete and yet be so stupid that people miss the time wasting site Twitter.

2010 will be the new 1985 with every one-hit wonder from 1985 being remixed by someone in 2010 because originality in music died around 1985.

On December 30th, 2010 I will write another blog posting predicting 2011 and seeing how wrong I was about 2010. I really hope I am wrong about 2010.

Happy New Years everyone, don’t forget not to talk on your cell while driving, always eat your veggies and remember your manners. – Phil