Our houses here are narrow, very narrow. All of the driveways on our street are 18 feet wide and about 22 feet long before you hit the street. With 2 cars in the driveway, you really don’t have a lot of snow to shovel, even with a good snow storm.

Enter my neighbour, the idiot. The guy purchased a $1200 snowblower for doing that little patch of area. He also plows out two other people (and no I am not one of them nor do I want to be) so that he can feel like a big man of the street.

I am not an environmentalist however he ran that two-stroke snow blower for a good hour, mostly shooting the breeze with others rather than plow out the snow. I went outside and in 10 minutes had my driveway, sidewalk and deck shoveled. The amount of exhaust and “carbon” that blew out of that snow-blower is a waste.

What they say is true, you can’t pick your neighbours unless you own all the land around you.