Bell Canada, specifically Bell TV sucks. I called today to remove one speciality channel bundle from our package figuring, “this should only take 5 minutes right”.


Change made and I hung up.

Then my kids report there is no TV. So I look and sure enough, no programming. They had managed to cancel all of our channels. Real smart.

Phone call #2.

Now I am all for cutting costs and understand outsourcing overseas is a fact of life but please, have people who speak the Queen’s English or at least SOME english…

Phone call #2 lasted long enough for me to have pull and replace the smart(oxymoron?) card.

Phone call #3 was 27 minutes with someone from Canada and involved 20 minutes saying “i am not an idiot, i know how to pull out the smart card”, and “the problem is that you cancelled ALL of my programming!”

Finally I convinced the Bell idgit that I did not want to stop my subscription (although tempting thanks to these blunders) and for them to just DTFJ(do their f-effing job)!

One hour and more hair off the top of my head lost.

Thanks Bell Canada, np really… thanks.