In the quiet of the night, the McGuinty Liberal Gov’t passed another dasterdly piece of legislation. No, not the ability for Toronto Police to go after the violent hippy-freaks who trashed the G20. Its the carbon tax, also known as the Eco-Stewardship fee. These fees have been around since 2008 on oil, paint and so on. However on July 1st, HST day, they were applied on 13 new categories of items totaling over 5000 products. Have a look at the products listed, it includes things like dish soap, household cleaner, toilet paper(ya, toilet paper). Now compare that list with the Carbon Tax out in BC… The things listed are the same. While Gordon Campbell had the good sense when implementing the HST out west by not adding it to items hit with their Carbon Tax; not Dalton McGuinty… No… We pay HST on the Eco fee.

Welcome to Ontario, where the saying “I think, therefore I am” has been changed to “I am taxed, therefore I am broke!”