It’s been a happy-time this fall as our youngest has started school. He’s not quite four, is in J/K, and already he is learning a skill… Salesmanship.

Only the second week in, he came home from school with a sales package for fundraising for his school, some magazine subscription nonsense. Welcome to Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario!

Now I am a product primarily of the Peterson-Rae-Harris years of public education in Ontario. Up until high school, kids then did not have to worry about fundraising for things, and when we did have to deal with it, the goal was for something large. African Famine, some Eco-Bullshit cause or other idealized nonsense that high schools raise money for. Now we are in McGuinty’s Ontario.

Every year, the books and flyers come home, gift card sales, magazines, seeds, wrapping paper and other wares. Not for African Relief or Eco-Crap… For field-trips (which we still have to pay for). For books for the school. For new playground equipment.

It’s not that the school wants a new piece of equipment because they got one last year, it is because the equipment was carted off last year as it was condemned.

This is Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario.

Full day kindergarten – Check
Higher taxes – check
More money for administrators – check
Less money for schools – check

The education system in Ontario is now like that of the USA, underfunded! What kind of lesson is this teaching when we have the highest tuition in the country, underfunded schools and three-year-olds being asked to sell magazines so they can go on ONE field trip this year?

The lesson is that in Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario, talk is cheap and if you want an education, start early to pay for it.