I’ve watched some of the races for the upcoming Municipal Election on October 25th. Some thoughts:

Why do we elect Mayors (and Deputy Mayors where applicable)? They all have one vote, no different than a councillor and can be overruled by a simple majority. In my area, there are far more people running for mayor who are qualified for council, than there is as a councillor. Such a waste.

“It is better to remain silent and be considered a dunce than to speak and erase all doubt.” – This was posted on TheCornwallDaily.com in the letter to the editor section. Appropriate give then comments that have come out of some of the all-candidates meetings such as:

    “If the kids move here, their parents will too.” – Mayoral candidate’s plan for getting families to move to small towns.
    “Happy Wife, Happy Life” – Regarding Akwesasne’s relationship to Cornwall
    “Suck it up Princess” – Mayor Larry O’Brien on Jim Watson’s complaining over negative campaigning.

I commented to a friend of mine that this election must be a boon to Alcan, for all of the tin-foil hats floating around.

I’m getting pretty good at calling things. This election season I call:

  • Mayor of Toronto – Rob Ford
  • Mayor of Ottawa – Jim Watson
  • Mayor of Cornwall – Bob Kilger
  • Mayor of South Dundas – Delbert Jones
  • Mayor McCheese – Acclaimed

Lets revisit Tuesday morning to see how accurate I am. I will at least be 1 for 5.