Really? Is it that hard? 41% showed up to vote in Cornwall. 44% in Ottawa. 41% in Toronto. Those people had to take 10 minutes at any one of the advanced polls on the weekends, or on election day, mark a piece of paper and put it in the box. Not hard. Not complicated. So why didn’t more people do it? Good question!

Some of the townships in eastern Ontario had Telephone/Internet Voting. Voter turnout? Average 47%. These people didn’t have to get off their ass to vote! Open the mail, take the code, pick up the phone. OoooooOooo Complicated!

Municipal Elections are the most grassroots way of effecting the world around us. The roads we drive on, the parks we use, the sewer systems that don’t back up on us. These are the things that we deal with on the day-to-day. And yet, a majority of people just don’t care! Thanks everyone!