2010 was the year of the Tin-Foil Hat.  As I predicted in 2009, I would revisit 2010 and see how I did. Yep. Dec 30/09 I wrote it and today, Dec 30/2010 I am here.

So how I did:

There was no federal election and the Liberals haven’t gotten ahead of the Conservatives. However unless Iffy Iggy resigns in the next 24 hours, I am 2/3 for that round.

Frank McKenna was mute, but Harper remained Prime Minister and DID reprise himself behind the piano, this time with a 4 song set. 2/3 for that round.

Bob Rae is still a Socialist in Liberal Clothing, McGuinty won the two bi-elections and the Who-Dat Conservatives got another 2, 4/4 for that group.

Ontario is still a have-not province and I have started calling Newfie Jokes Ontario Jokes… 2/2

The HST arrived, Tim Hortons raised the price on the swill they call Coffee and Canadian Tire still sucks… 3/3

Finished the deck, celebs still died and Elin Woods did end up rich thanks to her divorce… 3/3

Sadly Britney Spears did not have a breakdown and shave her head… Just as sad, there was another Twilight P.O.S. Movie. John Wayne and Johnny Cash are still dead, but Cash’s music lives on for .99 a song on iTunes. 4/4

Many unknown idiots uploaded stupid things that were viewed on Youtube – ∞/∞

Nothing really new on the social media front. FB and MySpace and Twitter are still alive and “well”. 0/1

Several songs from the 1980’s were resampled for crap produced nowadays. ∞/∞

Final score… 20/23+ ∞

I am good at this prediction stuff…