Wow. I really didn’t think Stephen Harper would eek out a majority, let alone get more seats than Chretien did in ’97. Four years of no federal elections is a plus, only because there are other elections the voters need to deal with here in Ontario. The NDP did win 102 seats. Impressive. I really wonder if Ruth Ellen Brossard is thinking she hit the jackpot. She made the news a week prior to the election for being in Vegas during the writ period. I can understand it, if you book ahead for a good price on a vacation, you cannot cancel those deals, you don’t get your money back. There’s a lot of people elected tonight who I believe are going to be wondering, “What, I actually won?” Good luck to you Jack Layton.

Locally I am mixed, I had hoped that the local Liberal would do better. I am not a big fan of our Conservative MP. At least with a majority, there’s little reason for Guy Lauzon to do those 10-percenter mailings that won him awards for money spending.