It’s been a long day around here. Some point form random thoughts:

  1. Election ’11 – If I were the NDP in Quebec, I’d be organizing now for the upcoming provincial Quebec election. Just might have a chance of doing what the ADQ almost did in ’08.
  2. Sun News Network Pt 1. – Good job Bell TV for the billing dispute. So now I have to put up with web streaming crap until Bell and Quebecor halt the pissing match. Note to Bell: 2/3rds of what you carry is of no interest to me, but I have to pay for it anyways to get the 1/3rd that is. SNN is somewhat interesting, David Akin and Brian Lilley is at least. Some things on there is like watching a train-wreck but that’s ok. I don’t mind paying for that. I object to having to get “OutTV” in order to get “HistoryTV”. So put Sun News Network back on please Bell.
  3. Sun News Network Pt 2. – Mike Duffy was on Byline with Brian Lilley tonight. It was interesting but sad in a way. I grew up with Mike Duffy on TV. I watched him every Sunday morning on “Reflections of Our Town” and then “Sunday Edition”. Now he’s a partisan and it wasn’t good TV.
  4. One of the benefits of  your wife and your mother sharing the same birthday is you can NEVER forget the date.