Howard Humble is off the air again. This time from Boom 97.3 in Toronto. What a stupid name for a radio station, BOOM. Sounds like something Beavis and Butthead would come up with. Back to Humble. Humble and his former co-hort, Fred Patterson were part of my formative years in Toronto on 102.1 The Edge. Always tuned them in for the long commute from Mississauga to Oakville. I am sure Humble will land on his feet, he’s done it many times before. At least he’s not on a station called “MIX” or “BOOM”. What’s next, “SUCK”?

Switching gears, I am impressed with the speed that the political wonks have been picking up their trash er, I mean yard signs. We’re two days into the Harper Majority, and you’d hardly know there was an election. Just as it should be. Perhaps it was just the opposition parties not wanting to be reminded of how stupid it was to bring down the Conservatives.

The biggest downside with the signs disappearing is that they provided the only bit of colour in this area among the gloomy, wet frigging weather we’re having. If it rains much longer, I’m looking for an ark!

Watched on Sun News Networks’ website Ezra Levant’s rant on the Bell-Quebecor carriage fee issue. I think one of the first rules of sales is not to egg-on/goad your customer. While I buy my TV Signals from Bell, Bell buys them from the suppliers. Kill the rhetoric and just make it happen. Watching SNN on my laptop sucks!

Jean Charest should learn to STFU about the near-death of the Bloc Quebecois. Remember their provincial counterparts are higher in the polls than you Curly… A lot higher!

Quebec NDP MP Thomas Mulcair is an interesting fellow. He doubts the Americans really got Bin Laden. What’s next? Is Mulcair going to start asking for proof of the Moon Landing? How about Roswell? Note to investors. If Mulcair keeps opening his mouth along this line, buy stock in Alcan. Tin-Foil hats unite!