It was announced today that Dr. Michael Ignatieff is going to teach at Massey College, part of the University of Toronto. This was expected as he had said he wanted to teach young Canadians when he resigned as Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada on May 3rd. What is surprising is that he accepted to be a Senior Fellow at Massey. This school isn’t just a prestigious school, it’s one that is for elites and most average Canadians couldn’t afford to go to. Ironic, the leader who was pegged as an elitist, fought for two years to show he wasn’t, now takes a job teaching elitists and an ultra-elite school. Good for him, but I would have much more respect for the guy if he was out teaching to the masses at a community college.

It was funny to read in Ignatieff’s resignation speech that he hoped the party would choose a younger, female leader. Meanwhile the unofficial front runner is Quebec MP, Justin Trudeau.

Carrying on to a few ridings down the way from M. Trudeau, who would have thought the first “Cock-up” by the NDP’s Quebec Caucus would have come from it’s senior statesman, Thomas Mulcair. If I was a betting man, I’d say the shares of Alcan are a good buy if Mulcair comes out with more “tin-foil hat” comments like his now infamous questioning if Osama bin Laden was really dead.

Mulcair is in good company with other “tin-foil hat” people including “the Donald”. What’s next for Mulcair, watch US President Barack Obama’s recent speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Fast forward to 9:35.

Speaking of tin-foil hats, Sun News Channel is not available on my BellTV anymore. I wish it were. Brian Lilley and David Akin provide solid news coverage, while Theo Caldwell represents the Tin Foil Hat legion. Its like a Canadian version of The Colbert Report only longer, with some real news and Theo Caldwell for the comic relief.