I think I am going to go back to my full name. This week I’ve been called “Sil”, “Bill”, “Will” or my favourite, “Mark”. I don’t know how you get “Mark” from “Phil” but hey, why not?

It’s Friday and I am GLAD this week is over. Between the election on monday and catching up on work the rest of the week, it’s been a long, long week.

I think I had the right idea back in 1995 but the wrong execution. When I was 18, I ran for office against Bob Runciman, stalwart of the Ontario PC Party and long time MPP for my riding. I lost. Even the Green Party beat me. I ran a $600 campaign, driving all around the riding in my Dodge K-Car, stuffing flyers in mailboxes, knocking on doors and even calling people I didn’t know. Not bad for a kid still in High School. If the 2011 Federal Election has show us anything, its that in order to get elected in Quebec, you don’t even have to show up. There’s a number of parachute candidates who won for the NDP who don’t speak French, didn’t live in the riding and in some cases had never been to the riding that they were voted in. In other words, they did NOTHING to get elected. Like I said… right plan, wrong execution. It used to be in Quebec that the controversy was people who were dead or long moved away from the province were voting in elections.

Many pundits are suggesting that the Liberals and the NDP are/should/will merge, it’s only a matter of time. Looking back at history, I think they are all wrong. Remember that the Conservatives were once called the “Liberal-Conservatives” up until the 1935 Federal Election, when Prime Minister R.B. Bennett changed the name to the “National Conservative” party. Yes, the conservative party of Sir John A. had the name “Liberal” in front of it. The 2011 Election did see the Conservatives (sans Liberal or Progressive in their name) win a majority, in part by taking over the center of the Canadian political spectrum. The NDP and Liberals are not well suited merger partners, in part because the NDP are too strong in the 41st Parliament. The Liberals and the Conservatives are a better, but not imperfect match.

Britians voted in a referendum on “Alternative Vote” system yesterday and shot it down. 70% voted against it. Good. Nothing wrong with certain voting traditions not being changed.

I did discover that certain “Absurd Alces” are all bluster and no action when it comes to email correspondence. <-- Inside Joke The only bad thing about this weekend is my discovery that the LCBO is no longer carrying Warsteiner Beer. I blame Dalton McGuinty and his nanny state for this. I was told that it didn't sell but I bought it. And that sales clerk called me "Sil" too.