Whew. First week over for the 31 Days of Blogging. Not a long posting today.

H/T to John Bolton for this bit on Jean Chretien pimping Bob Rae Liberal Leader:

Make Rae the full time leader and the Conservatives will never be out of power.

Chrétien pushes Rae as interim Liberal leader – CBC

I agree! Bob Rae running the Liberal Party of Canada will ensure that they will never win in Ontario.

Ruth Ellen Brosseau has finally surfaced.. sort of. Reported in the Ottawa Sun, the newly elected MP from Berthier-Maskinonge is working on her french, that she put her name down because they needed a candidate, and she will be going to the riding soon.

From the Sun:

“I was approached to put my name on an election ballot, because I have supported the NDP for many years,” she said. “When I was asked to put my name in, I accepted. It was only symbolic.” – Ruth Ellen Brossard

At this point, I say let her try to do the job she was elected to do. Media cycle over. Who knows, may she will do a good job even.

Learned a few things today while out and about.

  1. Molson Canadian Light is a beverage which calls itself beer, but really just a shadow of real beer. Yuck.
  2. I need to pick up my toys and not leave them on top of the washer when it vibrates. Crash goes a box filled with about $400 worth of Model Train engines, sound decoders and tiny little brass detail parts. Ugh.
  3. You can get along with your sister-in-law if you don’t talk about anything but the weather and only the weather.
  4. Never try to get four kids to agree on what movie they should watch in the Van. Disaster.

Tomorrow is the Tulip Festival in Ottawa. Should be colourful for Mother’s Day.