Adrian MacNair, freelancer for the National Post and all around sane blogger posted (with some quotes from a Mark Steyn piece) probably the best (in my view) piece about why Osama bin Laden should have been paraded around, post 35 cents of Lead improvement.

Link to MacNair’s posting

Link to Mark Steyn’s article

Uh oh… those American’s are starting to look to Canada for “inspiration” again. First the Democrats look at our health care system for their “Obama-care”, now the Republicans are looking at last week’s election results for a “how-to” for their 2012 Elections.

I still think that the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Nashville Preditors are the dark horse teams of this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, however deep down, I am really hoping for a Detroit-Boston final. Original Six!

Steve Carell has left “The Office”… Does that mean we have a chance at getting Ricky Gervais becoming the new Regional Manager of the Scranton office of Dunder Mifflin?!? Please?

The family was coming back from Ottawa today and I spotted this “BEAUTIFUL” car. My kids yelled “It’s Lightning McQueen”, followed by one of my sons saying “Wait. That’s just a crappy car!”.

By the way, the guy with the cart waved to me after taking the photo, I snapped the picture of the cars owner

It used to be that PS3 owners would only get mad when the local Mac’s Milk ran out of Cheetos. Perhaps PS3 owners should come out of their Mom’s basements and enjoy the sunshine while they fix their console problems. And they call me a computer geek.

I was playing with a Blackberry Playbook again. I like them. I think I will hold off on one for a bit though. I am waiting for one that is just slightly larger than an 8.5″ by 11″ piece of paper, and when I place a piece of paper on the surface, it scans the paper for me. When we get that advanced (2 months from now?) then I’ll buy.

End note: I don’t like Sundays typically. Living in a small town, most businesses are not open on Sunday which means that if I get a “great idea” like replacing drywall or wiring in a new plug, I have to drive 40-80km to get parts when I screw up. Yes I could and sometimes do plan ahead, but excrement happens and I get caught with a six-inch gap in the cold water line for the house with four kids who need baths and supper needing to be made. So I have absolved myself to not have great ideas on Sundays, which now means that every day is screwed!