Monday’s go on forever, mind you any day that starts with your child waking you up at 5am is a long day. At least the weather was better today. There was SUN… except on my TV.

I called Bell TV today to cancel the News Theme-packs on my dish package. I cannot still get rid of CBC Newsworld or CTV News Net, they are on the basic package. This is in response to Bell and Quebecor fighting over Sun wanting to be paid for their channel and Bell going “ya ok… riight”. I cannot cancel Bell outright as Shaw Direct doesn’t have Playhouse Disney and there will be mutiny here if I don’t have that channel.

City of Cornwall passed a motion calling for PA days in schools on days the school is being used as a polling station. GREAT. Another excuse for a day off. It’s not like the schools don’t have some form of PA day or early dismissal per month. Give me a break. Instead of throwing out what, a million students, why not move the polling station. Ya. Common sense prevails again.

Ruth Ellen Brossard is still attracting attention for the NDP a week after her and her party’s surprising upset in Quebec. I agree with Kelly Egan from the Ottawa Citizen who wrote today that Brossard needs to be given a chance and better the NDP the Bloc.

I do like the fact that a normal person got in. How many lawyers are in parliament? How many “higher educated” people are in parliament? Perhaps it is time we have some every day people. The ones who went to school are now are entry level database programmers, the shop welders, the book keepers. Let average people get a chance to screw up the country. Can’t do any better than the curent lot.

I love stories like this.  Aidan Reed is a 5 year old boy from Kansas who has a form of leukemia. In order to help pay for the chemotherapy treatments and other expenses, Reed’s parents put their house up for sale. Young Aidan hear this and started making drawings of monsters to sell. It succeeded as Mr. Reed sold over 3000 drawings earning $30,000 for his efforts. This paid for the hospital bills and his family didn’t have to sell their house.

Closing it off, I watched the Jonathan Demme movie “Heart of Gold” which is a documentary of Neil Young. Filmed in Nashville at Ryman Hall. Awesome sound. Great Movie to watch.