Starting this blog posting 10 minutes to midnight… Almost late but not quite.

As the old saying goes, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.” – Link – I dislike Geert Wilders. I don’t like what he says and I disagree with his opinions on Islam. I know Muslims who are normal, every day people, no different than my fellow Anglicans. In every group there are wackos and extremists… That said, we live in a free society and are entitled to voice our opinions. My opinion is that Geert Wilders is a wacko, nut job, fruit cake and all around ass.

To all of my Hockey Pool buddies… Detroit! Never count out MoTown. Original Six Final!

CJSS-FM Morning Show host and all around good guy, John Bolton posted on his blog today the following:

One week into a Conservative government and the country has survived. Whew! I never thought we’d make it!

There are a lot on the left waiting for the sky to fall. I hope they don’t spend so much time looking up that they trip on something.

Kudos to Sun News Network for streaming their channel online so those Bell TV suckers (myself included) are able to still watch while Quebecor and Bell get their act together.

Another screwup from the NDP relating to Ruth Ellen Brosseau, this time they take the example from the Conservatives; have a staffer fall on their sword. The NDP posted on Brosseau’s bio that she graduated from St. Lawrence College, meanwhile she didn’t. Minor news story blown way over the top. The NDP will have to get used to the extra media scrutiny, comes with the fancy house.

I was interviewed for an article on Gas Prices in Canada tonight. I mentioned the cross-border angle, with gas coming from Canada, being sold in the US, for 1.06/l instead of 1.35/l once you factor in the exchange and conversion rates. The HST hasn’t helped, nor has the high value of the Canadian dollar and the higher taxes at the pump. And the left want to put “Cap and Trade” in???

Whew. Made it in time. Gotta plan my day better tomorrow.