Is Dalton McGuinty stupid? Its a valid question. Today the CBC reports that Premier McGuinty stated the higher gas prices in Ontario have nothing to do with the HST. Adding 8% to the price of gas doesn’t make it higher? Neither does the 14.7c/l excise tax? With math like that, no wonder we’re a have-not province with a massive debt, massive deficit, billion-dollar scandals and 7-billion dollar secret deals with foreign companies. Who’s the stupid one, McGuinty, or Ontario voters?

I wonder if McGuinty wins in October, can I claim refuge status in another country?

Ruth Ellen (Vegas) Brossard surfaced in her riding today. Now that she’s been there, can people switch to another topic de jour? Link goes to the Exclusive on Sun News Network.

Iggy’s last day on the hill went out with a whimper. Loser is as loser does.

This commercial for the Blackberry Playbook is awesome:

Disclosure: My cell provider is Telus. I have a hate/love/hate relationship with them.