Many people with many schemes have knocked on my door in the last 5 years. A few fundraising, couple of religious people, but mostly Energy Marketers. I don’t yell at these people because I know the workers are mostly college students just trying to pay for their tuition. I had to shake my head today though. <knock><knock> at the door and there was a student asking about… My Carbon Footprint. Offering me a “clean energy” and a certificate for Carbon Offsets by signing with them. Just think what it would have been like if the NDP had won the election. Cap and Trade?

The Canadian Men’s hockey team was ousted by Russia in the Quarterfinals at the World Hockey Championship… What did you expect. These are the NHL players who couldn’t pass the muster to get into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. What, now that they play for a national flag and pride, people thought they’d win? NHL players make enough money, if they wont play well for the paychecks what makes anyone think they’d play well for their country?

Marc Garneau for Interm-Leader of the Liberals. As many have posted, it can’t be that hard to lead the Liberal Party, it’s not rocket science.

I am glad I live in a small town. Listening to CFRA, there was a story on the water ban in South Ottawa and how some businesses were being asked to “voluntarily close” for three months. Do elected officials not understand that a business needs to be OPEN to make money? At least in a small town all they worry about is if the roads need to be graded and is the Fire Department trucks filled with gas.

613 UNITE – Reported on “The Hook“, a blog on The Tyee, Telus is LAST in customer service surveys in my area-code 613. What a surprise. Wouldn’t know that by the 30 minute wait times, the screwed up bills every month, the roaming charges or it taking a 3-page email to the entire executive team at Telus to fix a problem. Good on ya Telus!

According to Wikileaks, Canada is all talk when it comes to Arctic Sovereignty. When you have a small navy, small air-force and a small army, but big words, you might be seen through.

I hate blog postings that are just re-purposed crap. Ok you may notice a bit of that here, but I reference news stories and put my own opinion on it. Three times today I have come across notable people’s blogs where they have copied articles and just pasted it on their blog. Why bother. Do something original or at least put your own spin on it. Quite being LAZY!!!