Thank God It’s Friday – A quiet, warm day. It’s actually 80F in my kitchen right now! WOoooooo Hoo.

Hey… William Shatner answered my question… H/T Stuntman Stu!

Sun News Network has ended their Live Streaming. Crap! Come on BellTV, play fair.

How can you tell it’s spring? Allergy Season.

Cabinet Speculation is rampant in Ottawa. With Harper getting 73 seats in Ontario, look for more Quebec Representation in Cabinet. No that wasn’t a slip. Six seats in Quebec translates to at least four posts at the table.

Steamboat Tony Clement announced that he’s launching a “Full Investigation” of the higher gas prices. That’s going to cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have a simple solution, go to a gas station and look at the break down of price. It says on every receipt how much of that gas was in Federal Tax, HST and so on. Works out to about 30% of the bill. Start cutting there.

Dalton McGuinty’s Minions are at it. Spreading the word about how their “Clean Energy” program is short term pain for long term gain. I don’t see how solar panels in a country that is under a blanket of snow for four months of the year is going to work. Not when Quebec has an abundant amount of hydro-electric power that we could buy off them cheap. Nope, no Hydro Quebec for us, unless we are going to pay them to take OUR surplus energy.

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives are, and have been since Mike Harris left, their own worse enemy. Look at the missteps of Ernie Eves, the school-funding cock-up of John Tory and now, the indirect speaking Tim Hudak. Since 2007, there has been scandal after scandal in the McGuinty Government, screw-up after screw-up. E-Health, Eco-Tax, HST. And while Hudak is ahead in the polls, he either refuses or is unable to go for the jugular. Hudak and his candidates are touring the province on a “Magical Mystery Tour” of sorts telling people why they should vote PC… because they’re not Dalton McGuinty. I don’t know about most of you but I am tired of not hearing a plan of action. Hudak will undo what McGuinty has done. That’s the plan. But what will he DO? Ok. So Tim Hudak will get rid of Smart Meters but what will he do in its place? Tim Hudak wants rid of the green energy 7-billion dollar deal with Samsung, but what will he do to make sure we have power? Ontario needs leadership, truth and direction. All we are getting right now from Hudak is spin. If I want spin, I’ll vote for McGuinty as he’s the devil we know.