I love drywall. Nothing like lifting heavy sheets of the stuff; sliding it down the stairs. Navigating the loops of Thomas the Tank Engine track and trying not to demolish Lego creations. Knowing the trick of how to hang the sheets against the wall, hold it with one hand and drive screws into it with the other, missing the stud two out of three times.I love drywall.

Started reading “New York” by Edward Rutherfurd. 100 pages in and it’s definitely better than Ruskia and London, the two other books of his I’ve read.

The Ontario Liberals are trying to capitalize on some minor issues in the Ontario PC party. Apparently one of Tim Hudak’s underlings has a stake in the very energy scheme that Hudak will cancel once he gets to be Premier. Methinks DaddyDalton is just trying to detract from all the money he’s spent and doesn’t have.

Rocco Rossi, the Liberal turned PC Candidate was also out swinging against McNutty. Strangely nice to see that. With all of that I have to say, Ontario Politics is much more wacky than the Federal Scene.

A number of people have drawn comparisons between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and another Conservative Prime Minister from the past, RB Bennett. With Tony Clement’s “Inquisition” on gas prices, I have to wonder if he risks becoming to Harper, what Harry Stevens was to Bennett. Harry Stevens was a prominent cabinet minister in the Bennett Government of the 1930’s and was one of the key players securing Bennett’s election win. Once elected, Stevens started showing a populism that was not scene during his previous cabinet postings and caused some issues with the government for his views for the common/working-man. This boiled over with the Price Spreads Commission where Stevens toured the country and testimony was given about price collusion between retailers at the time. Transcribe that to today, Tony Clement is going to grill gas companies, refineries and anyone else he can think of, about why the price of gas is so high. Funny how history repeats itself.