John Robson, columnist for Sun Media and Commentator on CFRA wrote this piece on Deficits and Debt in Canada and how the Harper Government could backpedal on it and why they shouldn’t. Take his examples, then multiply it by a factor of 50 and you have the mess in Washington. The exception is that US Government Surpluses were translated into tax cuts, not debt repayment.

I am somewhat of a Star Wars geek. On the news of Obama finally getting Bin Laden, this special edition of the Galactic Empire Times was released.

Seal Team Six was the Navy Seal special forces group responsible for taking down Bin Laden. Now it’s also a trademark of Disney. I am a big Disney nut, thanks in part to my wife, but this is just wrong. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim wrong.

Looking forward to People of the Week Monday morning, I like going on the air for these opinion pieces. Don’t know how much people pay attention, agree or disagree with me, but I’ve been doing it on and off for two years and haven’t had the shepherds hook pulling me off the air yet so it must not be too bad.

Thanks to iTunes .69 sales, I’ve been filling in the gaps in my music collection including REM, Springsteen, Neil Young and… the B52’s. I love the B52’s. I remember listening to some of their really early stuff in the early 80’s on the Spirit of Radio CFNY. Planet Claire, Rock Lobster etc. Two favourites take me back to those fleeting times in High School that weren’t horrible.

Second is actually a song by fellow Georgia group, REM, but with Kate Peirson and Fred Schneder from the B52’s on it. This song was also from a time when REM didn’t suck. Shiny Happy People. After Automatic for the People they should have hung up their guitars and gone home.

Lastly a recommendation, after you read my blog, hop over to John Bolton’s blog. John is a radio host in Cornwall, right of centre and all around well stated guy. Why this guy doesn’t work for Sun News Network is beyond me.