Seeing the Space Shuttle Launch NEVER gets old.

Looks like Bettman’s experiment in the south is starting to unravel. Atlanta Thrashers could be Winnipeg-bound. Atlanta is in the Eastern Conference, so with the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg, that would unbalance the league. Which team would move from the Western Conference east? I say Columbus, as some team has to take up the whipping-boy role from Atlanta. It would serve a good purpose putting Columbus in the east, that way when they move to Quebec City in 2015, they wont need to redress the league imbalance again.

Still with Hockey, when I was in Florida during March Break, I met a lady in her 50’s wearing a Hartford Whalers t-shirt. What a great idea to put a team back there again. The Panthers could use a good home. I suspect you’ll see a few teams move. Eventually Phoenix will move, likely to Kansas City (Yay Scouts). Panthers will move somewhere else, like Baltimore. In the end the league will still have 30 teams and should which really should only be 24. And the Leafs will still suck.

Apparently you can’t fix stupid. You also can’t get me to thread on a garden hose as well.

People of the Week this week was: 3) Yves Rossy, the rocket man who flew around the Grand Canyon with a rocket strapped to his back; 2) Quebec Judge Nicole Bernier for her nanny-state order to a pair of kids in Quebec that they MUST attend a playgroup; 1) Tony Clement, Industry Minister for the Harper Gov’t. Clement’s chest thumping about gas prices is earning points for populism, but I think he forgets still that 32 per cent on the price of gas that comes from the Feds and Province.