Cabinet shuffle tomorrow. Looks like John Baird is going to be Minister of Foreign Affairs. Really? Who I am most looking forward to seeing in Cabinet is Maxime Bernier. I like Bernier, he is very much of the fiscal conservative that is needed in the party.

Ottawa Citizen columnist Randell Denley is running for the Tim Hudak PC’s… Oh this is going to be good. Denley has not been a Hudak Kool-Aid drinker in the past.

H/T Warren Kinsella:

  • “People will rightly look to PC Leader Tim Hudak for guidance, since his party is leading in the polls. So far, there isn’t much to see. Hudak’s comment that he is consulting “moms and dads and small-business owners” is just inane.” December 10, 2010
  • “Some have idly suggested Watson wanted out of Queen’s Park for fear the Liberal reign there was coming to an end, though that’s unlikely given the invisible far-right performance of Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak.” July 28, 2010
  • “PC leader Tim Hudak has helped McGuinty by presenting himself as a cartoon character.” May 6, 2010
  • “…Tim Hudak’s tactics in opposing the [HST] plan have been juvenile and ineffective. Hudak plays politics like the Ottawa Senators’ Chris Neil plays hockey. There’s lots of banging and crashing, but not much to show on the scoreboard.” December 7, 2009
  • “New Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak managed to grab some media attention in his first couple of days on the job, which is pretty important considering that most people have probably never heard of him. Too bad what he had to say was the predictable, kneejerk stuff one has come to expect from opposition leaders…The role of official pest has to be balanced by something of substance, and Hudak has a lot of work to do there.” June 30, 2009

Ya. This is going to be good political theatre.

Can I just say, who gives a shit about what Arnold Schwarzenegger did? We have enough issues in the world not to be worrying about a washed-up ‘roidbag politician-wannabe and a member of the Kennedy-Klan.

Given the amount of drinking I did in my college years, I am surprised I am able to string together two letters into a word. Of course when the Journalism wing of the college is approximately 50 yards from the school pub, it’s not a surprise. Now a Spanish study says Drinking makes you Stupid. It’s the chicken and the egg. Drinking makes you stupid, you’re stupid for drinking.

Ah the Champagne Socialists have visited Disney on an American Union’s dime. Yes that royal couple on the left, King Jack and Queen Olivia, the Laytons. According to an article in the National Post, the Layton’s went to Disney World last summer, but paid for by others. At least it wasn’t by us taxpayers. For what they paid for the Dolphin resort, they could have stayed right on site. I like the Fort Wilderness Cabins but Animal Kingdom Lodge is also very nice. I am surprised that they went though because Disneyworld is not unionized. It must be hard for Jack to be waited on by people making $6/hr.

WOW I would hate to be a taxpayer in Montreal. Montreal City Council approved 108 Million in financing and guarantees for bike company Bixi to stay afloat and fund their services in OTHER cities in OTHER countries. I was in Montreal today and there are a lot of issues in that city including infrastructure; Don’t they have better things to do with tax money than fund bikes in London, UK or Melbourne, Austrailia?

Looks like tomorrow morning I will be going to war against Canada Post. I’ll post details Wednesday afternoon if there are any to report.