I was going to post my thoughts about Harper’s new cabinet but really.. I don’t care. I called Bernier, but overall there are far too many Quebecers in it for the number of seats they elected. Baird as Foreign Minister is interesting, will see how that works out.

Meanwhile over in the land of sober second thought, three rejects get appointed. Verner I can understand because she WAS an MP and a cabinet minister, but Larry Smith and Fabien Manning are losers. They didn’t bring home a seat, period. In the case of Manning he’s a two-time loser. This does nothing to better the Senate.

Tweet of the Day goes to Jack Layton:

jacklayton Jack Layton
@pmharper, appointing your failed #CPC candidates to the Senate is not the kind of job creation strategy Canadians had in mind. #Cdnpoli
I am surprised that he didn’t use his trademark #hashtagfail.

For a Liberal, he’s a pretty sharp guy that Warren Kinsella. I’ve taken to reading his musings every day. My favourite today was this “anonymous” email he posted:

Just received, from a well-known Lib who shall remain nameless:

“Anyone notice that al-Qaeda named an interim leader faster than us?”

Switching gears a bit. Took my oldest to an appointment in Ottawa today which required driving on the Queensway(417). I love how this went while we were passing a Smart Car:

Daughter: Dad, is that one of those SMART cars?

Me: Yes

Daughter: I don’t think the driver was so smart, he left half of his car in the parking lot.

Canada Post may strike on May 24th. Good idea, make the Canadian people think you are even MORE irrelevant. They cost more than other carriers and provide poor service. Hell you can’t even put a Car Wash poster up in a post office for Charity anymore. Morons. Strike and get legislated out of existence.

Kicking it old school with the lawn mower. We’ve had HORRIBLE luck with lawn mowers over the last 6 years. Gas ones that don’t last. Electric ones that short out after a year. Either I’ve just always gotten the bad one of the lot, or I am not technically able to operate/own/use one powered by a motor of some sort. While in Ottawa today I went to Mecca Lee Valley Tools and bought a Reel Mower. It’s pretty hard to screw this one up. Two wheels that are hooked up to a reduction gear, and a blade. Push the mower and it cuts. Pull it and it doesn’t. Pretty hard to fuck it up. Then again it’s me… We’ll see how that works out this year.